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Lillian Veil

Drop everything and let’s take a moment of silence for this veil. A showstopper by all means, state-of-the art the definition of beyonce – DRAMA. This veil ties in beautifully with any simple classic silhouette dress. It provides layers of texture and volume to any given dress to make you stand out on the day and as you should be! Lillian empowers any bride that wears this on their grand wedding day. Lillian incorporates a blusher that can be worn over the face whilst walking down the aisle or sits in two layers with the blusher length sitting just below the waist. Showing two perfect looks attached on a comb so it sits perfectly on your hair.


Accessories: Please allow 1 month to allow us to create your custom accessory

Dresses: Please allow 4 months to allow us to create your custom gown.

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