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Valentine Overskirt

The Valentine Overskirt is the perfect addition to your wedding look if the words ‘drama’ and ‘couture’ resonates. Make a statement with the Valentine and turn your outfit into a two-in-one by attaching this overskirt to your stunning custom made ARA Experience wedding outfit.
This detachable overskirt extends from the sides of your waistline and is the perfect style for accentuating your natural curves. Featuring a satin waistband that can be covered in lace or embroidery to add a seamless look between the bodice and your skirt.
This dramatic but lightweight style is easy to walk in; leave this train on or off all day long.


Accessories: Please allow 1 month to allow us to create your custom accessory

Dresses: Please allow 4 months to allow us to create your custom gown.

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