Meet with Penny and try some of our samples on at a trunk show in your city. Play around with our modulars and ‘build’ your very own dress right on your body! You will be able to mix-and-match all of your favourite elements from our sample dresses to create your unique dream dress.

We will measure you up so once you become an ARA Bride, we can get right into creating your dream dress!


Once you have finalised your dress design with Penny, you will receive your Designer’s Kit that will be filled with fabric swatches and your lining dress. This is an early stage of your dress that we will send to you so we can ensure that you will have the perfect fit. At this stage we will get into a Zoom call so Penny can see how it fits on your body and help you make any markings to show where needs adjustments.

Then all you need to do is return the lining dress back to us and we will start on your final dress!


We will schedule you in for a final fitting where you can finally see your dream dress on your body. This fitting will be approximately 1 to 3 months prior to your wedding and will be used to make any final tweaks to your dress.

We will then take your dress away and make our final modifications. 


Now for the most exciting step, receiving your bespoke gown! We will either send your dress direct to your door, or you can pick it up from our showroom 1 to 2 months prior to your wedding day so you won’t have any stress at all leading up to your big day!


ARA Experience exists to give brides the chance to design their very own wedding dress. There are so many wedding dresses available, so you would have no trouble finding ‘the one’, right? This is so wrong! Your wedding day is your special day, so why compromise on a dress that isn’t exactly what you want? 

At ARA, we believe that every bride should feel beautiful in their dress. The dress of your dreams should work for you, you shouldn’t have to work for your dress. That’s why we let our brides ‘build’ their very own dress right on their body so they can see exactly how beautiful they can look. 

ARA Experience is a proud Australian-made brand that aims to provide the quality of an intricately handmade dress but without breaking the bank. All of our dresses are priced between $2,500 and $4,000 and includes the whole experience from the first consultation to receiving your dream dress!


If you’re still unsure as to whether ARA Experience is for you, then let’s get into an obligation-free consultation call. We can set aside 15 minutes to answer any questions you may have. If you’re a bride who has a specific design in mind, then this is also a great opportunity to ask about the price, possibility and practicality of your design.