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Our Favourite Wedding Shots From 2021

2021, a year that was challenging for a lot of our brides and yet...

We can all agree that 2021 was a challenging year for many. We survived countless lockdowns, awful 14-day quarantines and even learned the Greek Alphabet beyond the letters of ‘alpha’ and ‘beta’. For a lot of our brides, it was all about ‘hanging in there’ to see if restrictions would be lifted (or unfortunately added) a week before their wedding day, prompting last minute changes to seating plans, needing to find a new hair stylist because yours has COVID or even having to accept that close family and friends won’t be able to attend due to border restrictions.

But even after all the stress, anxiety and sadness that came with planning a wedding through COVID, our couples prevailed and from the feedback and photos that we have received, we can confidently say that everyone had such a great time when the day came and we couldn’t be happier for them. 

Don’t believe us? Have a look for yourself. These are some of our favourite shots from 2021.

Special moment of Dianne getting ready in her ceremony dress | Jaz Anderson Photography

Kira staying cool and rocking these sunnies in her custom made ARA Experience wedding gown | Acacia Chenda Photography

Jess and Evan after their marriage ceremony on their very own property at Glenberrie Place (a must-see for all boho weddings) | Dan Evans Photography

Beautiful Bel and Nick frolicking down the vineyards of Lloyd Brothers after their ceremony & This beautiful cake arrangement made by Bel herself | Captured by Mike Hemus, Flowers by Sam Burnell Floral Design

Su Jean and Karnung holding hands for the first time as husband and wife… How adorable are these two? | Davish Photography

Jade and Jake saying goodbye by walking through a sparkler tunnel before heading off to their honeymoon | Dylan Lee Photography

Nothing better than having a gorgeous mini dress to dance the night away in. Chelsea looking fab in her custom Roux Mini | Captured by Story Studio

We hope you enjoyed experiencing each couple’s wedding as much as we did. Although 2021 was a difficult year, it is definitely a year we will never forget. We congratulate all of our brides again and wish every couple the best as they embark on this new journey together <3