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Let’s Meet: Jade

Jade has been a friend of both Matt and Penny for a long time, since meeting at their old job at the Adelaide Convention Centre. 

We were so honoured to be trusted to create her dress, even though ARA was only in it’s very early stages of business. Jade was such an amazing bride to work with and an equally amazing friend and business owner! We were so in love with the design of her dress when we made it, and we still are in love, even a whole year later!

We asked Jade to share a few things with us about her marriage to Jake, the wedding, and the process of creating her dress with ARA. We hope you enjoy this write up! 

Let’s hear about the beautiful couple and their wedding first:

How did you and Jake meet? 

Jake and I met each other on a night out on the town! I know right?? Those nights don’t exist anymore in this day and age 😛

What has been your favourite date together so far? 

One of our favourite dates has been staying in the cutest cabin in McLaren Vale, Ordering some food, drinking some red wine and listening to music whilst enjoying the amazing scenery.

Favourite part about your wedding day? 

Favourite part of our wedding day is saying I DO and spending the day with our favourite people dancing, drinking and just feeling allllll the love. 

We’re so proud of how much Undercover Events has grown! How did you manage to run a business and plan a wedding at the same time? 

Why thank you so much. We are so proud of ARA too and have loved watching your business grow throughout the years. Its so exciting seeing how far you have come!
It was difficult as I was also working at my day job too! But events is something I LOVE doing so it almost was more exciting than stressful! Haha

What’s the best advice you could give to future brides? 

My advice is to not stress over things that you cannot control, especially in this crazy time of covid. Always have a plan B and some backup options that way you won’t be shocked if you do need to make some changes.
On your wedding day take 15 minutes to sit back and enjoy the scenery, watch all the amazing people there to celebrate with you. Cry, laugh and smile. Feel all the FEELS.

Let’s hear why Jade decided to become an ARA Bride:

What was the number one reason you chose to go custom?  

I had seen Penny’s business and really loved her style and the fact you could customise anything you want. There was no ifs or buts I always knew I would go to her to help create my dream dress!

What was your favourite about the whole process? 

I loved the online portal and the fact you could see your dress on your body before you went ahead. I also loved that penny would keep you updated on each step, and also you could message and email her anytime you wanted to discuss an idea or something your wanted to change

Best advice you could give to brides who are thinking of coming on as an ARA bride? 

Enjoy the process, its so much fun creating your dream dress! Ask heaps of questions, take some inspiration pics and have fun with it!
Penny will look after you and you will leave with your dress feeling so excited. Penny is amazing at what she does and you won’t be disappointed!