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Build a Dress | Episode 8

Welcome back to our BUILD A DRESS Vlog Series: Episode 8

This week’s episode is a special one, featuring a brand new skirt modular and our very popular Fleur bodice. We have gotten into the habit of creating only 3 styles for you recently as to not overdo it and why force another one when the 3 that we have already look this good? It’s going to be a tough one, we love all of them and have can’t choose ourselves!

Keep watching to the end and head to our stories to VOTE for your favourite, open for 24 hours only! Once again, we will be making the most voted dress in two sizes. Don’t worry though as we can just easily build this for you using our modulars if the sample doesn’t come in your size. We can’t wait to see which style gets picked to be the winning dress this month.