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Couture Wedding Dresses, for less than $5,000!

This is what we have built for our brides. The opportunity to design what you want for yourself and have choices when purchasing a wedding dress. More importantly, we are so proud to be a brand that offers achievable couture.


Why choose ARA Experience

ARA Modulars

Using Modular Technology, we have come up with a solution that offers brides a way to design their wedding dress all while paying the same price as a mass-produced, ‘off the rack’ wedding dress. By choosing from our template tops and bottoms, you are able to apply personalised  customisations and choose your fabrics and laces to make this wedding dress uniquely yours.


Every body is different, whether in height, bust cup size, back width, torso length, hip circumference… the list goes on. When you opt for a custom made dress, every pattern piece will be custom made to suit YOUR unique body shape and tailor-made with both couture and ready-to-made sewing techniques. Say goodbye to unexpected alterations costs as we perfect the fit of your dress in 3 dress fittings.

Our price of $3000 to $5000 includes up to 2 initial consultation appointments, 3 dress fittings and most importantly, a wedding dress that will be custom made to your desires.

A Process That Doesn't Overwhelm

Each step of your unique wedding dress process has been designed so as to not overwhelm you with too many decisions at a time. At the same time, we’ve ensured that you are very much a part of every decision making step while your dress is being made.

Have a read here for more information on how the entire process works. 

From our co-founder, Penny

“We met in high school at a young age and this might surprise you, but we fell in love with each other in Accounting class but it really was the chemistry that we had and continue to have when working together that was the reason why we fell in love with each other. Not surprisingly, we went onto completing our Bachelor of Commerce degrees part time while pursuing another full time degree – him a Bachelor of Architecture and I completed my Bachelor of Creative Arts. We got married in 2019 and that is really where ARA Experience started…”

ARA stands for A Refreshing Alternative and have been named so because this is the experience that our co-founder, Penny, needed when she was wedding dress shopping. “Being a particularly picky but laid back bride, I did not enjoy the wedding dress shopping experience at all. Every dress I tried on were too traditional and not fashionable enough and the ones that were, were completely out of my budget. So I went down the custom made route but unfortunately fell out of love with my dress as soon as I put it on. How I wish I could mix and match the different dresses I fell in love with from bridal stores, how I wish I could try my dress on before putting a deposit down to have it made, and how I wished my designer was honest and recommended the right silhouette for my body shape.”

It’s too late for Penny to have a do-over of her big day, but it’s not too late for anyone that is considering going custom with us. Matt shortly joined the company at the end of 2020 and we’ve since been soaring to achieve our one and only goal: To provide brides with a wedding that dress that is the right fit and style they’re after, all while prioritising quality and keeping our prices accessible.