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Build a Dress | Episode 8

This week’s episode is a special one, featuring a brand new skirt modular and our very popular Fleur bodice. We have gotten into the habit of creating only 3 styles for you recently as to not overdo it and why force another one when the 3 that we have already look this good? It’s going to be a tough one, we love all of them and have can’t choose ourselves!

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Making the Dress | Episode 3

The Brooke was the most popular dress from our February Build A Dress episode and since we just loved it so much, we created it in two diferrent colours! This beautiful blush with a georgous A-Line skirt, and an elegant white with a stunning fit-and-flare dress!

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Build a Dress | Episode 7

It’s crazy how quickly a month goes by as we are ready for yet another build a dress episode! In this month’s episode, we have added 2 new exciting modulars to our dress builder and here you’ll see how well both of these modulars can work together.

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Making the Dress | Episode 2

Meet ESTELLA 🖤 Named after Cruella’s infamous black and silver hair… Because Estella here actually has a silver sister (psst, we showed a sneak peek a few reels back)​​​​​​​​

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Build a Dress | Episode 6

In this month’s episode, we have built another FOUR new styles. We have featured our CRYSTAL beadwork in this month’s build a dress and cannot wait to show you the SPARKLY results!

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Let’s Meet: Jade

Jade has been a long time friend and it was such an honour to be trusted to create her custom made dress! Let’s meet Jade and learn about her process with ARA.

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What are Trunk Shows?

You may have noticed from one of our social media posts or ads that we’re hosting a trunk show. I’m sure you’re also very curious as to what a trunk show is, how it works and why is it even called a trunk show !? We’re here to answer all of your questions and we promise they’re not as scary as they sound.. 

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Our New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year from our small but mighty team here at ARA! If you’re not already familiar with who we are, then this is the perfect time to get to know the husband-and-wife duo behind this wedding dress brand that is determined to disrupt this industry.

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Build a Dress | Episode 1

Welcome to our very first episode of our new Build a Dress series! This series is all about giving our future brides inspiration and ideas on what we can do for them as an ARA Bride!

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